Our TFES Community and PTO has been doing lots of fundraising activities as of late, which have been incredibly successful. All of the contributions and hard work is greatly appreciated by the TFES staff and community, but most importantly, by our students.

Here are some of things that our amazing TFES staff has been doing with purchases provided by the TFES PTO and our community:

What We Did – complete list for 2016-2017 >

What We Have Done | iPads in the Art Room
I honestly cannot thank you enough for all of your support in the arts. Besides using the iPads for Artsonia we have used multiple apps in many grades so far. I have included a slideshow with some of the pictures the students created so far!

Thank you again so much for everything. This is something that I have always wanted to do and you have helped make my dreams come true!!

iPads in the Art Room

Thank you,
Ms. Dunn

School Assemblies for Our Students
Did you know that the TFES PTO pays for a series of assemblies held throughout the school year at TFES? Take a look at the assemblies that we have already and will be presenting this year.

The Boy Who Cried Bully | October
Meet Nate, a typical third-grader with a love for telling tall tales. Nate’s biggest problem is Sam, a fifth-grade bully who has it in for him and his friends. Thankfully, Bob the Bully-Buster visits to teach Nate’s class what they can do to identify and prevent bullying in school.

Magic of Nutrition | November
Teaches children the importance of good nutrition and staying active using magic and illusion to create an educational and unforgettable learning experience.

Up Up and Away – by Mad Science | January
This event will capture the audiences’ interest and show how exciting science can be. Included in the show are a variety of eye-popping demonstrations and experiments. Some of the topics and demonstrations include the three states of matter, air pressure (using the Magdeburg Sphere), a Hot Air Balloon, the Mad Science Hovercraft, a giant size vortex generator and finally the Big Sneeze demonstration.

Celebrate Reading — celebration of read Across America Day | March
A reading enrichment assembly concert filled with songs that are filled with many of the most popular children’s books of all time. Your students will be motivated and inspired as they sing-along, clap-along, do hand-movements and answer fun questions about the many books, characters and authors presented in this fast moving and exciting show.

Jump for Life — kickoff for Jump Rope for Heart | March
April Vollm is a Las Vegas based Physical Comedic Performer who has traveled the world entertaining audiences. From acting, singing, and dancing to magic, clowning, and aerial arts, you name it she probably has it in her bag of tricks!

Chinese Acrobats | June
The Fabulous Chinese Acrobats are once again poised to bring your school the ultimate assembly program experience. With a new troupe of acrobats skilled in all new routines, they will be bringing an entirely new show to our door. As always, the acrobats will combine astounding feats of skill, focus, and athleticism with teaching moments of Chinese culture, language, and history.

New TFES Cheetah Rug
Have you noticed the new rug inside the second set of doors at TFES? The TFES PTO purchased a new TFES Cheetah rug to help greet our students every morning.

5th Grade After-School Activities
Every year the TFES PTO is able to provide and pay for our 5th Grade After-School Activities. This includes soccer, dolleyball, soccer and art club.

Drop-down Movie Screen & Projector
A new drop-down movie screen and rear-projection projector have been installed in our gym. There will be lots of uses for this great new addition to TFES. Mr. Springer has already been using the screen every Friday with Kahoots during his weekly health classes. Come and check out the screen in action at Bingo Night on March 10th.

Mrs. Dashoff, Library | Classroom Set of Chromebooks
The Chromebooks have been a wonderful addition – having a full class set has enabled ALL the students to work as a class, getting their work done together. I am so appreciative and I know the kids are. The technology program in the library is much more extensive and easier taught. Here are some specific examples of how the Chromebooks have been being used in the library.

2nd Grade

  • Internet Research on U.S. Symbols
  • Complete Graphic Organizer on Google Drawing
  • Learn how to Join a Classroom
  • Learn how to change fonts, colors in Google Documents

3rd Grade

  • Internet Research – state research using an online almanac
  • Each student picks a state and needs to find information in the almanac to answer questions on their state

4th Grade – Completed a Research Project on the Seven Wonders of the World

  • Internet Research
  • Completed Flyer in Google Drawing (printed out in color)
  • Working on a Story Template (will type in Google Documents)
  • Library catalog – students learned how to use and can use a Chromebook to look up books in the Library

Mr. Rizzo, Music | iPads
In the music classrooms so far: 

  • K-5th grade – Recording performances for reflection and feedback
  • K-1st grade – Composition exploration with Glitchamaphone, Isle of Tune, Loopesque
  • 1st-5th grade – Ear training practice with Blob Chorus
  •  1st grade – Vocal exploration with Singing Fingers, creating their own melody paths to sing and follow
  •  2nd grade – Will be doing a composition project with Isle of Tune, taking simple melodies made in class and orchestrating them on the iPads
  •  5th grade – Exploring composition and electronic music techniques with MadPad; creating their own soundboards from ‘found sounds’ around the room / school
  •  Accommodation for student needs – e.g. using MadPad to help students recreate sounds & songs with class

Ms. Dunn, Art | iPads
In the art room we are using the iPads to:

  • 1st-5th grade – Upload pictures on Artsonia 
  • 1st grade – Students that finished a heart project early used the iPad’s to create an extension project using WordPhoto and added words they love on top of their heart painting
  • 2nd-5th grade – Using Sketchbook pro to take a selfie and add flowers or animals like the famous artist Frida Kahlo
  • 2nd-5th grade – Watching YouTube videos to make tissue paper flowers and directions to make the Frida Kahlo self portrait
  • 4th grade – Using Amaziograph to create tessellations
  • 5th grade  – Using three different apps to transform their Pop Art picture they created 2D to make a new Pop Art picture with three different versions
  • 1st and 2nd– Wordfoto app

Mr. Springer, Physical Education | iPads
The 3rd – 5th graders have been using Coaches Eye to highlight plays and commentate during basketball. They do this if they are the off team. I have also been using the Team Shake app for making and changing teams on the fly. Lastly, I have also used the iPads to record students during gymnastics so their skills can be reviewed and even utilized as examples for classes after them. 

Learn more about what else have we done.