Description: A great way to get kids moving about. Also good for a leftover game when there are only a few minutes left or you need them to partner up for a different game.
Party  Theme: Valentine’s Day
Type of Project: Game
Materials Needed:
  • Construction paper
  • Scissors
Step by Step Instructions:
  1. Ahead of time, a parent cuts hearts out of different colored paper (the number of hearts should = 1/2 the number of kids in the class)
  2. Cut each heart in half in either different angles or using decorative scissors (with different patterns)
  3. Tape a 1/2 of a heart to the bottom of each kid’s chair when they are not looking
  4. When ready, tell kids there is a surprise under their chairs and ask them to find the other half of their heart.  Then they can sit on the rug with their heart mate.
Additional Comments: In our class, the teacher was showing the class a short movie. At this time, they were away from their chairs. The room moms placed a 1/2 heart in each of the pouches on the back of each chair.

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