Description: Like pin the tail on the donkey, but more interactive for the team. You can have the two teams race to see who can finish first, or just laugh at how the two faces compare when completed.
Party  Theme: Halloween
Type of Project: Game
Materials Needed:
  • Two buckets with wide openings so the kids can reach in and grab their face pieces
  • Two giant pumpkins (two different colors) cut from construction paper
  • Two blindfolds
  • Cardboard cut outs of 4 eyes, 2 noses, 2 stems, 2 jack-o-lantern mouths (I then covered them with construction paper in a different color then the team’s pumpkin). You can add more face parts if you’ll have more than 10 kids playing at a time
  • Tape
Step by Step Instructions:
  • Tape the two pumpkins to a wall at the correct height for the kids and next to each other but not too close
  • Roll tape (sticky side out) on the back of each face piece (you may need to remove the tape and put on more if you play the game more than once)
  • 2 teams of 5 each
  • Blindfold on kid on each team
  • Someone else on the team puts a bucket within reach and the blindfolded kid reaches in and tries to figure out what face part the got
  • The blindfolded kid gets spun around 3 times
  • The rest of the team then (using words only/no touching), coaches them to place the face part in the right place on the pumpkin
Additional Comments: The kids loved “screaming” at each other and working as a team. The first time we played, the two teams raced each other. The second time, the teams were just laughing too much at their silly face to care.

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