All students are encouraged to reach their individual donation goal of $100

  • Register Online = Custom TFES Carabiner to collect Stackerz
  • Every $25 raised (up to $250) = Stackerz Clip-on (up to 10)
    • Raise $75 = 3 Stackerz
    • Raise $250 = 10 Stackerz
  • Raise $100 = 4 Stackerz + Homework Pass

Go Above & Beyond – Superstar Status!

  • Raise $250 = all above prizes + VIP Seating to an Assembly
  • Raise $350 = all above prizes + RFE Recess with Mr. Springer
  • Top 5 Students with the most dollars earned and Top 5 students with the most number of donations will receive a “Specials” Pizza Party – an in-school pizza party hosted by the Specials Teachers.
  • Students reaching goal & superstar status will be recognized during weekly announcements!

Classroom Incentives
Each classroom has a goal based on the number of students in that class.

  • Classrooms reaching their goal will be able to “Pick-a-Classroom Spirit Day” – each class will get to choose their own (i.e. Pajama Day, Crazy Hair Day, etc.)
  • The classroom that raises the most money will have a pizza party!

School Incentive

When the whole school works together as a team, everyone WINS!

If we reach our overall school goal of $20,000, Mr. Alston has agreed to participate in every. single. gym class for an entire week!

Who wants to play dodgeball with Mr. Alston?

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