Description: Like Hot Potato but with plastic pumpkins.
Party  Theme: Halloween
Type of Project: Game
Materials Needed:
  • Halloween Music
  • CD Player
  • Plastic (fake) pumpkins
  • A place to sit in a circle on the floor
Step by Step Instructions: We had the whole class sit in a circle.  We used
2 pumpkins (20 kids).  When the music started they were to pass the pumpkin to the child to their right.  When the music stopped the two kids who held the pumpkins were “out”.  The kids who were “out” received an already partially filled goody bag with extra room for their crafts and then got to choose which arts and crafts table to go to next.
Additional Comments: Having the goodie bags handed out at that time, made the kids not feel bad about being “out”.  Each bag was labeled with the child’s name so we did not leave anyone out.  They seemed to feel special having a bag just for them.

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