Description: The kids will have fun creating witches brew and even more fun eating it.
Party  Theme: Halloween
Type of Project: Snack
Materials Needed: You can be creative with whatever snacks you use. We had to be conscious of nut allergies. We used:

  • Skittles (eyeballs)
  • Pretzels (bat wings)
  • Goldfish (fish guts)
  • Raisins (icky bugs)
  • Marshmellows (ghosts)
  • Witches pot – you can usually find one at the dollar store, or something similar
  • Spoon to mix the ingredients
  • Paper cups to pour the ingredients into
  • Bags to pour the snack into for each kid. Dollar store usually sells holiday themed snack bags.
Step by Step Instructions:
  1. Pour each ingredient into a cup
  2. Have each kid pour an ingredient in
  3. Once they are poured in, have them each take a turn mixing it together
  4. Put into the bags
  5. Eat & Enjoy
Additional Comments: The kids LOVED it. You can dress up as a witch and use a spooky voice to add to the theme.

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