Description: This game can be played for any holiday (you can make it theme oriented) and can be as long or a short as you’d like.  It’s also a good “get to know you game” if it’s the beginning of the year.
Type of Project: Game
Materials Needed:
  • Two holiday themed shapes taped to the wall with some space in-between
  • Two cards with themed words written on them.
    For example (Halloween themed): one card starts with “orange” and the other has “black”. The second words on each card can be “being a witch” or “being a ghost”. Etc.
Step by Step Instructions: Two adults: each stands at one of the themed shapes taped onto the wall

  • All kids playing stand in the middle of the two shapes
  • Adults read the first word/phrase on their cards (i.e. “being treated” or “playing a trick”)
  • Kids then “run” to the side they would prefer
  • You can then allow kids to shout out why they picked the word/phrase they did
Additional Comments: This activity can be used as a game to fill up extra time at the end of a party if you are not sure how long the other activities will take.

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